Mind Forest

This came together today while listening to fever ray.
and now ee cummings speaks to me erasing all doubts in the mind forest.

"solemnly my-selves
ask "life, the question how do i drink dream smile

and how do i prefer this face to another and

why do i weep eat sleep-what does the whole intend"

they wonder. oh and they cry "to be, being, that i am alive
this absurd fraction in its lowest terms
with everything cancelled
but shadows
-what does it all come down to? love? Love
if you like and i like,for the reason that i
hate people and lean out of this window is love,love
and the reason that i laugh and breathe is oh love and the reason

that i do not fall into this street is love."
-ee cummings

the original sketch

print available.
mail me :)


Pink Moon said...

I really want a print of this one but I live in Delhi so can that be worked out?

Fernanda R. Lima said...

i'm a BIG fan of your work.. ;-)

Rajesh nakar (Visual Merchandiser, Interior Designer, Artist) said...

What a wonderful art dear

Suki Spangles said...

Hi Shilo,
Your site (that I hit upon yesterday by accident) is, well, just beautiful. I'm a subscriber-and-a-half!
Your art has an incredible warmth and humour to it: that's not an easy thing to pull off. Absolutely magic!

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