A new set of postcards
I  made for a friends birthday :) 
Stick em/steal em/print em.

Hriday Aakash

Animation created for the 'Kabir Project'. :)

Hriday Aakash from Shilo Shiv Suleman on Vimeo.

Hriday Aakash was created out of the 'Kabir Project' In Srishti.
Its a fictional narrative created out of the poetry and ideas as kabir as well as true facts about moths. :)
When we see trees and mountains and rivers we connect with them because we have those very trees growing within us.
'Our body is the sky.
When the lotus in our hearts rain
The sky gets wet'
This story takes place in this Heartscape.
Wikipedia says:
Moths frequently appear to circle artificial lights. One hypothe
sis advanced to explain this behaviour is that moths use a technique of 'Celestial Navigation'.
By maintaining a constant angular relationship to the moon they can fly in a straight line.
Like sailors at sea.
When they see artificial light- they get distracted and circle around it.
Me animation uses this as a metaphor and perhaps a mythology.
The moon is the divine/the truth.
And these artificial lights represents maya that distracts us off our path.
Along the way this moth encounters a Firefly (desire), a Streetlamp (maya/illusion) and
A candle flame (love)
While in search of light.

Done over a month. Wish I had more time with this one :)