The Earth Laughs in Flowers

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My last week has been beautifully flooded thanks to the INK talk going on
So much love :) Thank you all for all the comments, the feedback, the joy and understanding.
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It's been overwhelming, with over 240,274 views in just over a week! :) 
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"The Earth laughs in flowers" is an old favourite by Ee cummings. It's been whispered and scribbled in notebooks for the longest time and this December, while taking a digital detox of sorts in Goa, I found myself back to nothing but a paper and the same watercolours that have be friended me for over 5 years. Infact I think I want to spend a large part of this year just painting again. So if you know anyone who you think would be interested in an exhibition, let me know :)
The original watercolour piece or a print is available if you email me

This wallpaper is a special response to all the people who have sent in emails and comments after TED. :)  Thank you fellow stargazers and dreamers.
'I know nothing with great certainty but the Sight of the stars makes me Dream' - Van Gogh
What this set of Wallpapers has inspired though is a 2 week long search for 2 beautiful quotes that I can illustrate and give out as wallpapers,
Leave a comment either on the blog or here and your quote could be illustrated :)