Khoya Khoya Chand- An Augmented Reality Book

Khoya is an interactive fantasy novel for children Illustrated, Animated, Conceptualized
 and partly written by me.
What makes it interactive is that is uses a technology called Augmented Reality to bridge the gap between the tangible (a book) and the technological.
It also bridges my two loves (amongst many)- animation and print. 
How it does this is that the book has a variety of 'markers' or symbols with limericks on how to use them, the reader, while reading a page, picks up these markers and brings it to their webcam, and using visual recognition the marker triggers off an animation in real time. So in a sense one 'brings the book to life'.
Using this technology one can become different characters in the book, unlock riddles or simply watch as the illustrations in the book start to move. :) 
A User-interaction Video coming soon. But here are some spreads from chapter 1 for now.
It's designed for children above the age of 12. 

Credit Roll:

Original concept, Illustration, Animation and Design by Shilo Shiv Suleman

Augmented Reality, programming and further conceptualization
Dhruv Nawani

Written by Shilo Shiv Suleman and Avijit Michael with inputs from Hari Adivarekar.

Contributers and Conceptualizers

Nilofer Suleman, Arshia Sattar, Molly and Maya, Anders Sandell, Ampat Varghese, Gayatri Ganju, Kunal Sen, Vani Sreekanta, Mana Dhanraj and the Toys Lab


Though watercolours are closest to my heart, everyonce in a while
it's nice to step out of me skin and try another medium. 
Lots of experimentation coming your way.
This be my first vector illustration :) 

Love :)

These images are from a 5 year old little girls reinterpretation of pampa sutra : )
So what these kids have been doing as it turns out, is taking the stickers from me book and making books of their own!! yay!

These books were very coyly gifted to me a couple of weeks ago :) 

More pampasutra prints :)

For the Kishkinda Trust in Hampi :) 
More pampaprints up for grabs.

The Night the Toys came alive

Come one, Come all :) 
The Night the Toys came alive. A preview of 'Khoya' amongst other 
wonderful interactive toys for children


This is a prelude of sorts to the book in a graphic novel form :)