Long Live Fishes :D

Grandfather fish's secrets to a long long long life :) 
(secrets will be revealed shortly as well) 
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Book by Cover

Some illustrations for idiscoveri.
Going to be used as book covers :) 

The Nasha

The Nasha-
Concept Sketch from Khoya
the nemesis of sorts

The Rock Clan
known as 'Atut' (meaning unmovable/unbreakable in Hindi)
are the oldest creatures in Khoya.They’ve been here for millions of years.
Inherently still in nature, it is this very stillness that makes them excellent keepers of   wisdom.
 “Written in Stone”, they record the history of the universe. They are keen observers though their greatest sense is that of sensing movement and the sounds of the earth. They do not record by sight or meaning of the sound. By sensing the vibrations of the earth (because of their inherent stillness). this history is recorded not in the form of words but wave patterns...that change as they sense and record more. This process is wrongly called ‘weathering’ when infact it is just a manifestation of their internal recordings of 'what has been'.
Curious-reserved-silent and Still. Slow moving.

The following scientific experiment is inspiration to how patterns are made in the heads of the 'Atut'
sensing vibrations.
(the experiment is rather trippy as well)