Butterflies And Hurricanes

You give me butterflies inside




It was the day after I was born this year
To celebrate, we collected wings
that we could keep in jars
for when we needed them the most.
We looked through books, identified them.
these are their real names.
Butterflies and Hurricanes.

Where I end and you begin

Us and Them

My ganjesh meow
the silent extension of my soul.
shes the cat and I'm the water bowl.
though its mostly the other way around.

she's my water and my ground.
she's the sky. I'm her wandering star.

she has taught me

that love is a black cat called ganjesh
and this is just the first of our nine lives together.

ps- i dont expect anyone to understand this but she will. and no one else matters in our ocean anyway.
mareehuee machli aka Machli rani aka Shutterfly aka Shilo

Now in Handcolour

bought Fuji photo inks
now you will see lots of hand done COLOUR COLOUR pictures.

More Machli

"Machli Jaal ki Rani Hai
Jeevan uska Paani hai
Haath lagao
Dar Jaathi hai
Bahar nikalo
Mar Jaathi hai"

Going to Goa
The Ocean. The Wind. Sand in my toes. wee.
Bye bye butterfly.
Shilo Shutterfly

Exit the King

Toto funds the Arts presents
"Exit the King"
Directed by Anmol Vellani
At Rangashankara
21st and 22nd
at 7:30

"Let go of the plains, let go of the mountains.
Like this.
They were only dust"

The Bends

Toto funds the Arts presents
'Hare and Tortoise'

directed by Veenapani
at Rangashankara
Saturday and Sunday
7:30 pm

Little Boy Lost

Little Boy Found

'The weeping child could not be heard,
The weeping parents wept in vain:
They stripped him to his little shirt,
And bound him in an iron chain.'
William Blake

Your eyes are very strong
They try to cripple me.
You put all your strength into your eyes
Because you do not know
how to be a hero.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

'I have only one burning desire
Let me stand next to your fire'
Jimi Hendrix
oh and I finally have my own camera!
a beauty born of months of saving my earnings
and all that jazz
first bigtime investment yo.

Dirt Road Blues

"Gon' walk down that dirt road until my eyes begin to bleed
Gon' walk down that dirt road until my eyes begin to bleed
'Til there's nothing left to see, 'til the chains have been shattered and I've been freed

I been lookin' at my shadow, I been watching the colors up above
Lookin' at my shadow watching the colors up above
Rolling through the rain and hail, looking for the sunny side of love"
Bob Dylan