"the real twisting snake is in the mouth"
says random malaysian poet

Due to lack of prior planning and foresight my whoooole trip plan had to be...well....readjusted.
we did end up going to- hampi,gokarna and goa.
great details and fascinating anecdotes will be revealed shortlys. in the meantime pacify yourselves with pictures

Summer is dead.
Languorous days of living in my head
and thinking about the underlying structures of words...

for a while I've been:
conclusion: ENOUGH! I've been off travel mode since may and I can't handle the static. time to go on a little trip.
Destinations: Hampi--Badami--Bijapur--Bombay--Aurangabad--Ajanta,Ellora--Bombay--Goa
Leaving on the 18th back on 29th
wishey me luck

The Age of Kali
These days its getting harder for words to slide down my tongue, slip through my teeth and dance upon the air. So I've decided to let my images reign for a little while (no objections I hope)

"I cannot dance upon my toes"

September 2006