'I prayed to rediscover my childhood and it has come back
and I feel that it is just as difficult as it used to be
and that growing up has served no purpose at all.'

your strength is just an accident arising out of the weakness of others.
All I see are their eyes.
I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.

Pictures taken a couple of years ago
with me nikon f55

Stormclouds in teacups. The River
finds its way to the sea
through your eyes.

Hampi July 2007
((I revisited Hampi last month.lots of stories
about snakes, pebbles, cards that speak and shadows coming up)

Coonoor, Circles and Fish in the Sky

the earth laughs in flowers

your hands in black water

voices out of a cloud lotus feet

7 of us. broken silences. fish in the sky, insane colours, feeling like a serpent, fractals,

a dead butterfly and a million revelations in the garden of eden.

archetypes, starry nights of splendor,getting lost in the whispering woods and so much more.

you are the center of my universe.
Location: a house on a hill

October 2007

your eyes have their silence

I've always been afraid
of bringing things I create with my hands
into a digital world. I was afraid that maybe somewhere between the
blinking screen and the ink on my fingers
something would be lost. like the silver key you kept in your coat pocket.

blue lines that only some light can percieve.
I've decided to trust electrons zipping through invisible space
with my soul stretched out in inks

And scan pages off my notebook. for a million mirrors to see.
and open me.

"we can create kingdoms of our own
grand purple thrones
those chairs of lust
and love we must
on beds of rust"

Red Like Apple.

Photograph of me by lovely Preanca Daga. :)

hundreds of broken red flowers on the floor. Red bangles on the goddess' wrists Incense. Smoke.

like Fire. Red like love. Like Anger. Like hate. Like sex.
Red like earth.
Red like apple.
like temptation. like roses. like desire. like destruction. like sun. Red like lust. Like Cherries.
Like Wine. Like touch.
there was red sindoor on the floor, on our foreheads, on our fingers.