Lend me your Wings

Stills from an animation I'm working on in my free time
to the song "let down" by radiohead.
all images photographed-drawn by me.
Here you will see insects, hot air balloons, cities made of glass bottles.
and much much more.

Sail to the Moon

Done one Sunday night when the sky is falling and the moon is not so full.When I was a child I believed the moon followed me home at night.I still do. Though these days I seem to be following the moon.Done by hand and photoshop. 181 frames. put together on movie maker because I don't know flash.:O)

Music by Radiohead. Animation/illustration by me. :O)

if the video here doesnt work for some reason go http://youtube.com/watch?v=wKMl7p8RWTA

A book of blackbirds

so boretdome on the way back home in public buses
leads to crow spotting
leads to speculation.
here is teh beginning of an epic.

to be continued.

Piano Man

old old old drawing from a long long time ago
me thinks, if you play a piano long enough
it becomes the language you speak.
kerrect no?

Tales from Topographic Oceans

and if you're going to pondicherry be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
5 of us.
wake up to rain. rain in the sky. rain in the sea. rain in the sand. rain born of your fingers.
rain in your mouth. everything is water. the sea is falling from the sky.

we stayed in a mango yellow house with pink flowers.

and a tamilian cook who only spoke french.
he made us soup. everything flooded.
I explode.

everybody wants to sleep. sing their dreams to sleep.
I'm tired of dreaming.
rent a cycle. and swim in the streets
a blue fish on a bicycle.
(even this seems like a dream)

why does it always rain on me?
my clouds follow me around.
grey and bursting like fruit.
I float paperboats in gutters.
lonely. hungry. thirsty.
I was waiting for the sun. and it came out
like a pink lotus
or an orange unpeeled.
map of pondicherry. scribbled on.
left white where i walked alone.

Scans from my notebook.
December 2007

softly open our mouths in the cold

I'm back.
my mouth was stitched up
my fingers were bony brittle.
here comes the sun.