pinned to the ground.
preserved. protected. fossilized.

when awake.
They crawled on your skin.
like rain.
Now they sleep.

Jewels in box.
packed up.
skeletons. empty shells.
I want you.

हम्पी~Everything I touch turns to stone

Hampi Portraits part one.
Gypsy feet
and my favourite Sadhu on the hill. :)

A space full of sounds

the ears have walls.
a space full of sounds.
electrons zipping through space.
blue light. colour-colour projections.
and candlelight.

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Heart Chakra

Something I did for a course in college.
Made up a band called Rubber Soul with their 4th album Heart Chakra.
This was the CD cover.
There is also an inlay, a back and all that. Which will be uploaded sooner or later.