Cover for Jetwings Vintage India Feature
Somehow this loosely defined 'vintage universe' seems like a softer world. 
Rose petals, Old radio, Tv shows that were not just for the rich and spoilt but for everyone. Doordarshan's Ek Chidiya-anek Chidiya all tried to emphasize a secular India. An India united by it's diversity. This was a place of blue ambassadors with dusty seats, AIR radio, video cassettes and audio tapes that were precious and kept meticulously. Now between our ipods and itunes, I'm not sure how much more I can hoard. 
Sigh. It's easy to get nostalgic one minute, and marvel at how easily accesible everything is in the next. :)

Some of the illustrations i did for a feature in a magazine on Vintage India.


This be a monthly comic strip that I illustrate and Jugular Bean writes.
for MTV noise factory.
check them out :)