House of Cards

see your future in lines etched into your hands

see it in tea leaves scattered in water

see it in a crystal ball

a pack of cards.

I've always been obsessed with finding fate.

fortune tellers, for what do I wait.

and Chamki has inspired me to make a set of my own tarot cards

using photoshop, stock photos, my photos, scans, doodles, found objects

and archetypal symbols I've set out.

only done 10/78. a long way to go.

but there's always time.

Water in my eye. in the sky

The moon on a leaf
or water.

some cold mornings everything shimmers
water hangs on your skin like stars
never seen by waking eyes. Under moving skies.
I shrunk to the size of me little finger
and lost myself in wildflowergalaxies
and wildflowers
rose like towers
who could tell the difference.

Black Milk

"Darkened skin Afraid to seeRadiate Open lips Keep smiling for me
Weightless cool honeysuckleFair skin frecklesUncut teethTranquil eyes under your feet
Weightless falls honeysuckleStrangers (strange this) Lights from pagesPaper thin thing
Protected by the naked eye"

Red Riding Hood

"i have a self to recover,"
and then she bursts into the sky, a red comet."
Red was her color.
And when I found her.
I wrapped her up.

(But sometimes.
colours change)

dressed in the color of my desires

when you dance
the air around you changes colour
and spreads its wings
'dressed in the color of my desires,
you go your way naked as my thoughts,
I travel your eyes, like the sea,'
'you open my chest with your fingers of water,
you close my eyes with your mouth of water,
you rain on my bones'

in the folds of your skin
like a serpent.
I wait.

Done by me on photoshop.