Invite to the launch of my Book!

by Arshia Sattar
and Shilo Shiv Suleman (me!)
All those in Bangalore.
Please do come :)
5th of December 2009 at 4:30 at Ambara in Basvangudi.
And if you can't make it then send me an email with an order and I'll keep a copy of the book for you.
or the stickers! or the tshirts! or the badges!

the old two-year-lived banner.
some universes have been crossed.
Others need no crossing. :)

The person you love is 78.9% water

The Character from a New book for Children I'm working on by Arshia Sattar
And the Kishkinda Trust.
Stories told by the River Tungabhadra.
Joy. :)
Watch this space

pampa and shiva fall in love

mother earth and Pampa

Hriday Maahi Aarasi

Hriday Maahi Aarasi
The Heart is a Mirror
Inspired by Alex Grey's' Sacred Mirrors'

The Emotional Self

the physical self

The Realized Self

The Higher Self- Love :) 

Down by the River to pray

More from the Book I'm doing on hampi by Arshia Sattar. :) 

Justly Married

this month on jetwings :) 


A Book I'm creating based on the 'Four Fold Path'
The Visionary, The Healer, The Warrior and the Master.
more soon

Rangashankara's Aha-theatre for Children Festival

Some Illustrations Done for Rangashankara and Brittannia's
'Aha!' Theatre Festival
The two images above were used as big decorations in the venue
And the three below were billboards around the city
The Blurb where the logo is placed is mine. :)

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Anil Thomas
Art Director: Rathish P Subramaniam
Copywriter: Carl Savio
Illustrator: Shilo shiv suleman
Photographer: Kiran Nama

Fly Light

this months Jetlite cover :)
and some assorted illustrations inside

Watercolour Wars

'Artivism' was started during the Fearless Karnataka campaign. The thought behind artivism is to provide an Open space where artists,designers,writers,poets and hopefully one day musicians would link up with different organizations and provide visual identity, posters or any other artform.
It attempts to be a sort of bridge between Activists and Artists who have very different mediums and contexts but a similar vision- to promote creative energy/change  rather than destructive energy. 

So this is how it works- An NGO/Campaign approaches us- and if the members or some of the members feel for the cause- they design posters and whatever else required collectively. There is no ownership. Everything is open source.print it- Burn it-stick it-make it into a tshirt- put up the poster in your city-in your room. Anything. Once its online- It belongs to everyone. :) 
One also has the right to anonymity. No one owns 'Artivism' or Runs it for that matter. 
In the long run one also hopes that one could replace all those Che Guevara T-shirts and posters with images and icons that are contextual to the space we live in. 

What you can do?
Become a contributor! post the fearless karnataka campaign there have been many many oppurtunities to provide artwork to different groups but not enough people to work on it. We need more hands.
email- if you're interested in contributing/becoming a part of the artivism mailing list. :) 

the pinks

To (almost) 5 years of us.
a circle of absolute love and unshakeable power. Shakti.
Winedrunk,moondriven,lovestruck,peace seeking, gypsying, 
travelling inside outside-around-astound-growing-learning-freeing-overcoming-
connecting-entwining-barefoot-seeking-love-light and losenges *cough cough* 
to discovering-deciphering-tying-sharing-caring-daring-wearing and bearing. 
To nights on terraces, in studios, in cars, on beaches, on stars, in fields. 
To reinventing, growing old together to discover that we haven't changed since we were 5. :) 
To expanding, exploring, traveling, singing, crying, arguing, worrying, running away
and coming back home. To Home. To love. To shaping-shifting-becoming-whole.
to pink-to sink-to ink-to this link between. 
To change and separation (in body not soul) that had to come sometime.
Love and Luck to these 5 some of whom will (soon) take on new lives and journeys across topographic oceans. 
(top from left to right- me, pint and runes
bottom left to right-ganjesh-niyu and kiripotatoes)

The universe is a great big cosmic heart that beats and beats and beats

Response to a Kriya yoga workshop I did this weekend. 

Lost picking flowers in the woods

Trees Colours and Wizards
with Lemons, Roses, Rasberries and Winnie and me.
lost in the 100 acre woods
(I like that you're 256 colours too)
Lucid dreaming, earthships, and love that exists in everything that shimmers.

Humming bees, Mothertrees, Long walks and hitch hiking in a confectionary truck :D 
Big white clouds, Chai shops,  (We're Sailing.)
Everything is Illuminated.
(streams and dreams we follow down)

Silence and Wild flower galaxies. 
A council of trees with a million years of memory or mythology 
moulded into their skin. They whisper primordial secrets that the wind carries.
A huge eucalyptus. The living tree that deserved absolute silence. 
(Rumour has it that if you run through a forest wearing 
honey you'll come out with a million butterfly wings on you)
Night wine, The city is just little dots of light from up here.
Upon a Sea of Blissful Awareness.

I've found another home. :) 

(more illustrations from the trip coming up)

all photographs courtesy Hari and Ganjesh