the pinks

To (almost) 5 years of us.
a circle of absolute love and unshakeable power. Shakti.
Winedrunk,moondriven,lovestruck,peace seeking, gypsying, 
travelling inside outside-around-astound-growing-learning-freeing-overcoming-
connecting-entwining-barefoot-seeking-love-light and losenges *cough cough* 
to discovering-deciphering-tying-sharing-caring-daring-wearing and bearing. 
To nights on terraces, in studios, in cars, on beaches, on stars, in fields. 
To reinventing, growing old together to discover that we haven't changed since we were 5. :) 
To expanding, exploring, traveling, singing, crying, arguing, worrying, running away
and coming back home. To Home. To love. To shaping-shifting-becoming-whole.
to pink-to sink-to ink-to this link between. 
To change and separation (in body not soul) that had to come sometime.
Love and Luck to these 5 some of whom will (soon) take on new lives and journeys across topographic oceans. 
(top from left to right- me, pint and runes
bottom left to right-ganjesh-niyu and kiripotatoes)


Hari Adivarekar said...

Pink Pixies only....its very sweet actually... :)

X said...

Came across an album of yours on Facebook. Absolutely brilliant! You have just inspired me to pick up a paintbrush once again.
Keep up the marvelous work!

Deboleena said...

Lady I know not, I think I'm in love with you.

Marshwiggle23 said...

lozenges - unless you mean losenges as in punning on loss/lose

theolddrifter said...

came here through a friends blog.nice to see love for work.

abhishek singh said...

this one's very beautiful and the story makes it more personal
great illustrations for the karadi tales too

shreyas51283 said...

fantastic work on the hriday akash film.
PLease post more animation like that.
Really like seeing work like that.

Unknown said...

Hey!!! I so totally love everything on your page! great!!

Murder Ganesh said...

My Biatchesss :)