the NH7 Kabootar

I bought myself a tempo this December for the NH7 Weekender Festival as an installation!
It's bright and red and beautiful! How the installation worked is- if you liked a musician you could take out a postcard from the tempo, write it to them, and post it into one of our astonished postboxes. We'd then give the musician the postcard! 

The craziest part was - it had to be done in three days!! 
Special love to Gayatri Ganju Mana Dhanraj Aruna Chandrasekhar Aarthi Parthasarathy Karuna Jenkins Rora Ling Nikita Jain without whom all my whites would be empty and my outlines incomplete. I get by with a little help from my friends!

Watch a video about it here :

Catching up

It's been so long, too long since I wrote here, while my facebook page is very much alive.
it's my birthday today (I  turn 24) and I thought I should do some catching up in this little haven of mine

It's been an amazing heart opening- few months. I spent twenty days mostly alone in Brazil where I found so much love, so much music and a family, I also lost all my money in my bank account to theft, but learnt a beautiful and valuable Lesson in Kindness. 

I'm drawing again after many months of digital magic. Good old paper pen and gold dust. 

"When I’m drawing I feel a little closer to the way birds navigate when flying, or to hares finding shelter when pursued, or to fish knowing where to spawn, or trees finding a way to the light, or bees constructing their cells. 

I’m aware of a distant, silent company. Almost as distant as the stars. Company nevertheless. Not because we are in the same universe, but because we are involved – each according to his own mode – in a comparable manner of searching.

Drawing is a form of probing. And the first generic impulse to draw derives from the human need to search, to plot points, to place things and to place oneself. “

- John Berger

I travelled to Kerala with  Evan Hastings and the Shadow Liberation
 where I found total peace in Ritual, where we learnt how to make traditional shadow puppets from a Pullavar (priest) who became our Guru over the last few days.His family has done this for a thousand years or more.  So much beauty in Ritual. Fire, sound, conchshell, lights and prayer.  Snake tongue, Animal sacrifices, Gods of the forest. 

Here's the puppet I made, handcarved out of goatskin. We carve the eyes out last with a prayer and fire and sacred smoke because it's with the eyes that life is infused into these puppets. 

I made some stages, danced on some too. 

We are made of stories not atoms. 

You can spend your life hoping that
when only you get rid of the fear,
when you are a little bit more enlightened,
when you have built up your self esteem,

then you will show up and give it all.

Or... you can get out of your own way,
make yourself available,
and bow down to the One who plays you.
~Chameli Ardagh
I last left this blog saying "Before you become crystalline, find that source that made you glow"

And I am glowing I am glowing I am glowing.