A few months ago I was chosen as one of five Indian Street artists to be part of residency of sorts called Urban Avante-garde Bangalore with 5 german Street artists. Organized by the Max Mueller and Jaaga, it was amazing. We took over walls all across Malleshwaram and transformed them.

This word "transformed" really does work especially in the context of the streets, an otherwise empty space starts to tell a story, bring people together and create a backdrop for endless photographs and conversations. 
This one is at the Malleshwaram train station and is a tribute of sorts to the Indian Railway.

If you're ever there catching a train- Go say hi to my female coolie, 15 feet tall and beautiful armed with purple suitcase and all. This was done in just 2 days and I really want to do more BIG walls in public spaces now. 

thanks to my special assistants Gayatri Ganju who took me in her yellow Reva with ladders in boot, Aruna C who made those lovely pink swirls on top of the train, Riya Vegas of the Paati eating icecream, Ria Rajan for trainstation company and tall Gabor who helped me reach the suitcase!

If you're ever in Malleshwaram, at 18th cross bus-stand, go say hi to the donkey I painted there! Ever noticed how there are so many donkeys in Malleshwaram? It's quite bizzare to drive by some road at night and see a donkey elegantly poised in the middle of the road under a frangipani tree.

Legend has it that all these donkeys belonged to the dhobi ghat, the dhobhi's used to the donkeys to drop off people's clothing after they were washed.
Ofcourse, now cycles and bikes and more convenient. And so though the dhobi ghat has slowly faded, the donkeys remain as wanderers through malleshwaram street, chewing flowers and trudging along. :) If you know any more legends about these wandering donkeys- Let me know. I think these beautiful creatures should be given the social status of Unicorns. hee