Glass Bead Game

shukri from the haalaki tribe in honnavar.
worked with her for a week.
we played glass bead games.
I took a black and white picture of her
she asked me where her colour went.
so I filled it in again, as promised.
(handpainted with inks)

Blue moons, feet, fossils

the blue moon
curled up in the sky
and whispered
'no more going to the dark side with your flying saucer eyes'

A hundred feet.
crawling on your skin
like love.
or sex. or rain.
you're no worm.
a memory packed up and salted
like sardines in a tin can
These moments that are talismans and treasure.
these moments once moved like fingers.

the ocean parts when I walk through, and the clouds dissolve and the sky turns blue

we were gods then.

(could you guide me in?
could you smother me)
we were gods then and they came to us
with garlands
and painted our feet with prayers.
I told them I could paint too.
I used to paint red flowers before I became like this.
I still remember what they taste like.
I had to give it up.

I followed him down to the island.
he had to bring his woman back.
Building bridges, burning cities,
him and the army of me.

There was a mountain.
I carried it in my palm.
we were gods then.
and now I sail from sky to sky
and all the darkness sings
against this boat I've made
of mutilated wings.


I wantoo ridemybike
and so i do.
in the rain. :)
indiranagar has never been this shimmering.
its a troooth.

Warm sound

freedom jam 2007.

Warm sounds
Falling slowly
Takes the time away from me

many guitars. and voices fluttering around me like moths.
the cold. raindrops keep falling on my head.
'I'm glad you carried your umbrella'

there were shadows.
and colour-colour light.
there was music. not always good music.
but music.
Mister city policeman sitting
Pretty little policemen in a row.
See how they fly like lucy in the sky, see how they run.
and those that I wanted to hear play were silenced.
our time is running out.
we'll find our freedom
somewhere else.

Cinderella and dust

My cinderella
She smiles.

Wishing well

I threw a couple of coins in,
the water was black
like liquid shadows.
but my wishes were swallowed
by the fish.


Airlines Hotel, Bangalore
"Was the earth spinning round
Were you falling through the ground
As the world came tumbling down"
-zero 7