Good vibes!!

Hello universe,
for those of you who have read the previous post - You know of the twisted turns of fate that have brought me the opportunity to go to scotland!
Except *dun dun dun* I have very little time to get my visa. 10 working days to be exact! I have my appointment tomorrow morning.
I need a few more miracles and being a firm believer in positive thinking and the power of good love-
I ask you to send me some GOOD visa vibes!
So all of you reading this post- do keep the good visa vibes going!
muchos gracias
Thanking you
Shilo Shiv Suleman

ps- Here's a free wallpaper in exchange for those good visa vibes! it's from my new book for the ipad- The second book of Khoya!! tun tun tun... This is very much work in progress though! So stay tuned to find out more about Khoya and my visa-worries.

Let the Beauty of What you Love be What you do

Yay!! :) I have awesome news.
and by awesome I mean happy joyful stargazing news.
The fates are speaking :) 

So a while ago I heard about Levi's Shape what's to Come Community 
A community of young women being formed around the globe as people most likely
to pioneer their way into the future. 
I told myself I'd apply. But went out of town, got distracted by a hundred other shiny objects.
and missed the application date.

A few weeks later- a beautiful stranger called me as I walked around the streets in Bombay
and told me I had 15 minutes to apply on the phone! 
two days later I found out I was one of the 17 women chosen from across India to create the community! and I was amongst some fantastic women, some singers, some fashion designers, photographers, activists and more! 
The first assignment of sorts was to create a visual diary of one's journey into our respective fields.
This made me feel like it was even more fated. I've been keeping  visual diaries all my life!! :) 
the whole journal can be viewed HERE

some pages from the visual journal. :)

 my mother and me

but but but!! the story doesnt end there. :) So in much of a hurry I sent off the journal too them with prayers and love. And as the fates had it, I sent it by the wrong courier service. 
that (and get this) went on strike the day after I sent it!
And with tight deadlines and all- this caused many phonecalls between Bangalore and Bombay.
Half an hour before all the journals were being taken to the US (except mine because mine was lost)
it was found with the apartment's watchman (who ironically had the same name of someone very significant in my life) where it had been forgotten!! There we go again with divine intervention and the fates.! :) 

And then and then and then (yes the story still isnt done with)
a few weeks later I got a call from Levi's saying I was 1 of the 4 women
chosen to be a creative ambassador of India
at TED GLOBAL in edinburgh.
Say what? Could this be troooooh? Yes it is infact!! :) YAYY
*bounces around the house*
this is the mothership of TED conferences and I am sooooofer excited :))
and so soon tooo.
*bounce bounce bounce *

Thank you blog for all the love.
It's strange thanking a blog...But boy do I owe this blog LOTS.
I started this blog in June 2006. When a young keyboard playing man I was charming at the time suggested I do so. I started by thinking I'd be a writer, realized I couldn't really write and started putting up my photographs. and then art too. This blog has within it 5 years of growth, of love, of visions, of tears, of joy and of gratitude. From when I was 17 to now. :) 
(incidentally the man I was charming is the one drawn above.5 years later and we are still charmed)
and thank you blog readers for love too.
and thank you world for all the love. :D
omgorz. so much love. hee.

Scribbled Paper

Did I mention I've been making notebooks of my illustrations?
Well, I have! and some handbound leather,wood and paper ones are going to be in Sale in Bangalore on the 26th at the Kitsch Mandi at pebbles!
and Postcards too! and posters :) Will post the detailed list of things to be on sale soon.

In the meantime however I started to scribble in one of my own notebooks. :) 
 This book is to
Beauty, trust,abundance,love,light, bliss, surrender and always Peace.
Tonight my moon is blue. 

 Making a habit of happiness 


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

Forest Love

 Where I end and you begin, the sky is falling in.
Many moons have passed since i've posted some photographs.
This time, an old digital camera, some fading light. and the world. 
 see constellations.
 tree beard 
 the temple tree
 feet on rainglass
 the person you love is 78.9% water
 circular breathing
 a photo taken whilst drawing and mapmaking

Kingdoms of Moss, forests of fern 

when you speak the air around you sings.
green like forests. green like the deep of the sea.
You, prince of forests and pinecones, in the tongue of crows you sing to me. ferns wind themselves around your skin. Your feet are the trunks of banyans, the strength of rocks. your heart beats, you breathe.deep.