'Thoughts meander like a
restless wind inside a letter box
they tumble blindly as
they make their way
Across the Universe'
trips to post offices in vain
ladybugs on glass
why I do what I do
I know not
(treasure hunts
where rain is born).
I am pulled
like the tide
to the moon magnet.

Tales from Topographic Oceans 2

more fiddling with photoshop I did
and this was the result.
If you go across the ocean
I'll send you this with much devotion.
Who am I speaking to?
No one.
Because I have no one to send postcards to across the ocean.
I like sending postcards :( and making them

Teach your children well

little girl in school
rather fascinated with all me feathers and bells
"Are you a magician?"
'Maybe', I replied.


Shes from the Haalaki Tribe near Honnavar
her name?
Whilst working with her over a span of four days
discovering her art, her life and her being
Many myths were broken
many moments shared
She too, like me, loved shells above all things as a child.
She played with soil and simplicity.
When I asked her what she thought of me sitting in my jeans infront of her
she said in her native tongue:
"Won't it be difficult crossing the river in those?"

I had to agree.

1st Feb

Hoppitty Birthday to me :)



Now that I'm eighteen:
I can drive a car
(contact me if in need for a ride)
I can legally marry
(contact me if in need for a bride)
I can vote
(get in touch if you need some support)
I can drink
(as if thats ever stopped me-watch me float)