Threefold good

First off! 
Here's another little sneak peak from Khoya book2.
One of the Apsaras in the Valley of Flowers.
her name is Padma. Queen of the Lotuses.
prints of this image are available if you mail me at

Khoya, as you know is the big big project for the iPad I've been working on for months and is my heartchild of sorts. Let me say this- Technology has never been this magical to me. :)

It's truly been a pleasure working with friends and creating a wonderful team.
Writing it, is Jugular Bean who I mentioned in the green jacket a few posts down. :)
and holding up curtains in my room in the next photo. 

It's by far some of the best work I've done to date. And I can't tell you how excited I am.
Launching December 2011!
So any of you with ipads? Leave a comment! and I'll let you know when it's been launched

Second in the Rounds of Exciting News, is that I've been asked to design the INK Conference this year! All of the conference is going to be sparkled and adorned with me doodles. ;) 
I can't give away too much except this one very mysterious photograph that's a sneak peek at what's to come. *bounces *

and the Third super exciting news is that I've asked to be a speaker at the WIRED conference in London in 5 days!!! Wired is like THE biggest technology magazine in the world and so as you can Imagine, I'm completely...errr... wired!
I have a visa this time! yay! (though this does mean no free wallpapers though. hee) 
*bounces bounces* 

two very very sweet friends  Hari and Dhruv decided to do some 
Guerilla Marketing for me  all the way in California :)
so for all your bookmarks sake - leads back straight here! 

Bonifisheii was started when I was 15 and when random words were very amusing. they still are superbly amusing but very hard for people to remember :D
so is your alternative when you want to link in!!
also, I've decided to embrace social media lately (apart from blogging)
so please do

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share the love :) 

Before I could finish blogging about the TED conference, 
I'm off for wired and the streets of london once again. :) 

three fold goodness.
the world is bigger than I thought 
(and I love it)