The universe is a great big cosmic heart that beats and beats and beats

Response to a Kriya yoga workshop I did this weekend. 

Lost picking flowers in the woods

Trees Colours and Wizards
with Lemons, Roses, Rasberries and Winnie and me.
lost in the 100 acre woods
(I like that you're 256 colours too)
Lucid dreaming, earthships, and love that exists in everything that shimmers.

Humming bees, Mothertrees, Long walks and hitch hiking in a confectionary truck :D 
Big white clouds, Chai shops,  (We're Sailing.)
Everything is Illuminated.
(streams and dreams we follow down)

Silence and Wild flower galaxies. 
A council of trees with a million years of memory or mythology 
moulded into their skin. They whisper primordial secrets that the wind carries.
A huge eucalyptus. The living tree that deserved absolute silence. 
(Rumour has it that if you run through a forest wearing 
honey you'll come out with a million butterfly wings on you)
Night wine, The city is just little dots of light from up here.
Upon a Sea of Blissful Awareness.

I've found another home. :) 

(more illustrations from the trip coming up)

all photographs courtesy Hari and Ganjesh

Tak Tak!

And another book I'm doing for Karadi tales called 'Tak! Tak!'
This one's a spooky story for kids *gasps *