Butterflies and Hurricanes

'I fell in love with a butterfly once.'

I held her in my arms.

'I want you for dreaming
not for love'

Tired heart

Summer sinks its teeth into our flesh.
I can't go on.these trains move too fast. Like snakes on railwaytrackladders.
Seeing you.Your eyes pierce through my flesh like swords.
I'm crippled.I'm afraid.I'm lost.
I pity. and your house of cards melts to the floor.

I have nothing. Not dreams. Not love. Not thoughts of my own.
suspended being.supreme predator.division of labour.
a cup to fill with coins.
the second official photograph I ever took.
3 years ago.
we found that dragonfly together.
We held her in our arms.
it was too late to save her.
so we made her a home in the soil.
and let her fall asleep for a hundred years. or more.

the first photograph I ever took.
he was blind and singing
on the steps leading to a temple.
with many blind men whispering prayers
and singing praises.

Return to Sender

You rain on me. I sky you.
wings. water.
blue tenderness.
waves between our fingers.
milk and honey
i wish i was.
falling into faraway eyes
like paper planes through space.

let me take you down

somewhere i have never travelled,
any experience
where your eyes can have their silence

let me take you down
see your beauty broken down.

'In pitch dark I go walking in your landscape'


'Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents'