Apple new years

Another beautiful decade begins
and with it, so much love to give. : )

Here's a wallpaper giveaways. Click on the image and download the big size of it.
 I've been wanting to do a postcard swap for a while now :) 
So if there's anybody out there- artists,illustrators, poets, photographers.
Send me a postcard with your work on it and I'll send you one with mine in return.
Email me at
if interested.


Ridhi said...

I deeeeddd! I have LOADs of postcards I wanna send joos. But.. I need to first work on them and I don't yet have PS :(

amrita said...

hey shilo, ive been following your blog for about a year or so now, i love your work, love the little verses you add in and i love the way your mind works!

Im guessing he postcard thing is the result of the griffin and sabine trilogy? well i wait to see more!

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