Snakes and Lotuses

A littul book I worked on as a final project for an Indian Literature course. :)
Through the texts I encountered I saw that snakes often symbolized men
and lotuses often symbolized women.
This is a poetic-imagery based interpretation of the relationships between the varied men and women through selected Indian texts.

Let us begin with a benediction
a prediction
a beautifully contorted contradiction
To shape without form.
To silence devoid of disdain.
To devotion despite disillusion.
To Divinity that exists
(if not in his fingertips)
then in everything that shimmers.


Rani from Nagamandala

Vasantsena from "mrittakatika"

I handmade the paper, the illustrations,poetry,collages and also bound it meself.


Archana Prasad said...

Hey Shilo,

Snakes and Lotuses looks supa interesting. Am working on the same theme (but this you know). Perhaps, if you are interested, you could jump in and present some of your stuff at the Snakes & Lotuses exhibition of my sketchs & poems that I am planning to have here in Blore either early Oct or Nov. What say?


Chamki said...

I love the vasantsena you made.

Bharat said...

Da it's too good I say! Super superness!

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

@archana- helluuu. Yus I was going to mail you copy of this. :) but before I gots a chance you came off here.
Would Love to jump in to your exhibition. :)
Gmail me the details I say. :O)
maybe we could even work on some sort of book/something together.

@ chamak- Thankoo love.

@bharat0- thanks ra. :P :)

chaipatti said...

So sign this copy and give to it me, na? Heehee.

rivergardenstudio said...

Your work is wonderful! I love your journal pages, and the wide eyed women! thank you for sharing... Roxanne

akshay said...

it's mrichakatika, gorjeeyus.

this is the mean comment i promised.

Rijul Bhatia said...

the the spiral into the realms of the retards continues with shutterfly and her extremely fragile and vibrant book (books?).
its a compliment.
youre mad.
getting madder.

madder = better.

jazzlamb said... looks sooper haute
daaamn nais...kip it up

Munna on the run said...

what amazing work!

Anonymous said...

You really have a high sense of aesthetics.

abhishek singh said...

some very AMAZIN!!!! art on ur blog!!!
i'll be comin often now!!!!

Hari Adivarekar said...

BRILLIANT!! can't wait to see it in person... :D

amruta patil said...


Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

thankjoo muchlee :)