Like Spinning Plates

Lounge Piranha are fish that like swimming in soundwaves.
wear costumes, have greenduckpuppets as friends.
use light so they look like paintings
use shadows too
they are ambient fish.alternative fish.
they live in soundscapes.
they are bubble blowers.
they write songs about moons,guns,hands with holes in them,the ocean and delirious states
they sing songs like umbrella,rajkumar classics,bhangra and bullah ki jaana me kaun.
play guitars,bass,drums,didgeridoos,radios,autohorns and cellphones.
they tend to explode. but its justified.
they are undefinable. unpredictable.
deep sea diving
"George Mathen is an artist by day and fully in control of the drum kit by night. He is also responsible for Piranha’s visual identity."
"Rohan Ramesh, current medical student and future quack, takes care of the bottom end with proficiency on his Warwick bass guitar. "
"Kamal Singh on guitar and vocals, uses lots of alternate tuning and open strings, and hits the grunge spot with alarming accuracy."
"Abhijeet Tambe on guitar and vocals, emerges from the tangle of the electronic loops in his studio to provide the ambient soundscapes with lots of guitar delay and reverb."

pervez on didgeridoo
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Hari Adivarekar said...

Deadly interpretations. Made to fit for Lounge and their musical personae. Hope you sent them these. They'd love 'em.

Anonymous said...

yes - they love it :-)


Abhimanyu Ghoshal said...

very nicely done! Love all your photos. An excellent blog.

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

many thankoos :)

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