Call for Entries- Photography,Music,Creative Writing

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Entries must be accompanied by a signed statement confirming the applicant’s date of birth, whether the applicant’s work has been published in print and/or exhibited in any forum (give details), and also affirming that the submitted work is original.

Toto Funds the Arts was established as a trust in Bangalore on September 15th, 2004. It was set up in memory of Angirus 'Toto' Vellani, who passed away in a tragic accident in Goa on May 24th, 2004. Toto – as he was known to his friends – was well known for his poetry, music and film criticism and other writings among various youth communities in the art.

TFA gives awards, fellowships, and grants to young artists and writers who demonstrate exceptional flair, promise and talent,talent that is yet to test its full potential.

Its main focus is the art of urban youth, which is least applauded and encouraged in our country. Much of their art is neither classical nor folk, nor national or regional: its form is hybrid, of mixed origins, influenced as much by the local as the international.
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