Khoya has arrived!!

The first book of Khoya, the labour of my ove,
has arrived in App stores.

Khoya is an interactive narrative for children that uses new technology- like the iPad to bring alive a magical experience for children and It's been magical indeed.

In this last year I have seen in transform from sketches on the back of used printed paper
to a breathing, glowing interactive piece of Art.
it's been presented and Launched at the INK CONFERENCE where I also was the featured artist of the year and designed the stage,

On one afternoon my fates let it be presented to Steve Wozniak!
co-founder of apple, who interacted with the app and said that Artists were as important to Apple as the technology. Coming from Woz the Wizard, it was a definite spark of magic  in my life.

and it was presented at the WIRED conference this year in the UK.
all before I graduated from University too :)
2011 has been a year of constellation making and starry skies.
And the Universe works in mysterious ways,  I am grateful for it always.
there's a Kabir poem that goes :
'The Redness of my Beloved is such
that I went out in search of Red
and became Red myself.'
I feel like I've gone seeking magic through my work, and have found it in my own life.
Thank you.
More posts from Khoya coming up this week with all the artwork,
but in the meantime: Download now!!!

And if you use facebook timeline: Do use one of these images as your cover photo!

Love Always
and Happy New Year :)


Fernanda R. Lima said...

Congrats!! You are soooo talented! I'm a big fan! Keep up with this incredible work. Peace and Love! Namaste!

Devashish Guruji said...

Oh WOW! hat really paid off! congratulations! so there! the tears etc were all worth it! Its so much bigger than that! :D well done!

Emma said...

Wow. Congratulations for you

Unknown said...

I just watched your conference about Khoya on TED Talks for my Critical thinking class! I was wondering when you will make the app available in the looks awesome!

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