Revenge of the Octopus!

In an evil plot the Octopus™ is stealing the ability to play from children around the world. He has locked them inside huge apartment complexes, making them study all day long and forcing them to play the cello. 

In the Eight Kingdoms™ a rebellion has slowly been brewing, a set of young designers have joined together to create a whole new set of toys, that will liberate children from the Octopus and allow them toy play again. Now to squash the rebellion the Octopus have invaded the eight kingdoms. To free our brave designers and allow children to play again you will need to visit Chitrakala Parishad, on April 27 and 28th. Hope to see you there!

The prototype of the second book of Khoya - an interactive series of fantasy novels is being previewed at the Toy Lab exhibit!! 
Do come :) 
Much Love


mithun jayaram said...

your works are awesome and your blog is fun! =D

i'm gonna miss your octopus revenge this april but i hope to see your other labours of love soon.

keep well Shilo!


Anonymous said...

Its not the apartment complexes, It ain't the homework, It isn't the cello lessons either. Its that LED screened monster, that spits out images, That makes it easy to drive imagination..That primary consumption device..The Tele.
Do you display your kidware anywhere in Blr? Sorry just got to your blog randomly..

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