Hriday Aakash

Animation created for the 'Kabir Project'. :)

Hriday Aakash from Shilo Shiv Suleman on Vimeo.

Hriday Aakash was created out of the 'Kabir Project' In Srishti.
Its a fictional narrative created out of the poetry and ideas as kabir as well as true facts about moths. :)
When we see trees and mountains and rivers we connect with them because we have those very trees growing within us.
'Our body is the sky.
When the lotus in our hearts rain
The sky gets wet'
This story takes place in this Heartscape.
Wikipedia says:
Moths frequently appear to circle artificial lights. One hypothe
sis advanced to explain this behaviour is that moths use a technique of 'Celestial Navigation'.
By maintaining a constant angular relationship to the moon they can fly in a straight line.
Like sailors at sea.
When they see artificial light- they get distracted and circle around it.
Me animation uses this as a metaphor and perhaps a mythology.
The moon is the divine/the truth.
And these artificial lights represents maya that distracts us off our path.
Along the way this moth encounters a Firefly (desire), a Streetlamp (maya/illusion) and
A candle flame (love)
While in search of light.

Done over a month. Wish I had more time with this one :)


Hari Adivarekar said...

ooo first comment :D
what to say, what to say? so much pressure indeed.
Haan here's a try, "After seeing this film, I feel lucky to count Shilo as one of my close friends. :)"
Ya that's raight mofos, top that!

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Hi Shilo,

I'm a BIG fan of your work.
This film is AMAZING and trully beautiful.

You are a very talented girl.

All my best ;-)



Anonymous said...

This is truly beautiful work, Shilo. It took me back to the days of hand-drawn animation. Each frame has been so lovingly drawn and visualised...

PS: Loved the shama. :->

Cardamom Kisses said...

I love this post, for reasons that I can't even explain. I have typed and deleted, typed and deleted... but there's no comment appropriate enough to respond to this :)

Absolutely wonderful, thanks a million for sharing!

Antara Mukherji said...

love your blog...your sketches are whimsical and eclectic like your name .. will look out for more...

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

thankoo :)

Anonymous said...

Its amazing Shilo,brilliant.

I am learning from your work.

Raja Sinha


Chamki said...

i finally saw it! and absolutely loved it. specially the end and the black and white shot where the lamps are all yellow. music is lovely too.

when is the dvd out? :P

Anonymous said...

I saw I saw many times. You still owe me a meeting!!! I love Kabir! Beautiful movie - Windows Movie Maker? My dad loved it. He teaches Film Studies - and is going to show his students the film. :D What else happening?

sugabee said...

absolutely magical. i was totally drawn into the mood and the passion of it. so glad to have stumbled upon your blog.

Anurag Ramgopal said...

Crazy artwork !!! I was completely spellbound !! the concept and visualization of each frame was wonderful!!!

Though i found the animation of the movements of the characters a bit too slow and constant they lacked life.

But on the whole really crazy work

how to write annotated bibliography said...

great!! just great one...again. you always inspires me with your crazy works!

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