Let us Compare Mythologies

New book- the fourth this year. 

Kattacodita - 'as if impelled by destiny'
Third time I've found myself in hampi in a span of 6 months.
I'm called to those ruins
like tide to moon. like moon to silver. 
Everything I touch turns to stone. Watching the Sun set over the river.
The River too is carved by the moon.
Some nights stay up till dawn.
watching star follow star follow star
before falling down.
Gaia and me construct kingdoms. we connect the dots.
She doesn't believe that stars are made of fire.
there's more to this than combustion.
no one looks for stars when the sun comes out.
warm. spread out on stone.
ink brush- dipped in the river.
Rain is born of our fingertips.
Rivers too.

500 times we whisper to the gods.
With each step, repeating his name.
Until we're in the clouds.
 Where Hanuman was born.
Chai and Chilli Pakoda. Langoors. 

and Love gifted to strangers in the form of Ink on Paper. 
(what else do I know enough to give?)

And the Head priest asks for a portrait of Hanuman.
Who lifted mountains and set islands
on fire.
On seeing it he asks for 2000 prints for every hanuman temple in Hampi.

'An author doesn't necessarily understand the meaning of his own story more than anyone else'
Lewis Carol 


Anonymous said...

Final phase
Remember nothing
For being is not
A ritual

inside the tunnels said...

there is so much i see
that words are less
and im speechless.

Gulzar said...

WAH! WAH! ji....apke diary mai itnee sarree rang!

sahi hai na ji!

keep em coming...

hope all is good at your end..

take care

Sine Qua Non said...

It's wonderful to have you back, beautiful. I'm pretty sure Hanuman would agree.

satyask said...

Love your Hanuman picture and painting.

I think you won't mind if I use it on my blog?

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

hey sure. Just give me credit and link to this blog and its cool :)

Noopur Vasuraj said...

Honestly, I think you're awesome. I do NOT remember how I came across your work but I sure am glad i did.

Arif Sarkar said...

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