Water in my eye. in the sky

The moon on a leaf
or water.

some cold mornings everything shimmers
water hangs on your skin like stars
never seen by waking eyes. Under moving skies.
I shrunk to the size of me little finger
and lost myself in wildflowergalaxies
and wildflowers
rose like towers
who could tell the difference.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant :) :)

Admin said...


Princess Selene said...

Drips of drops on my skin,
And the dreams just begin,
The line between reality and dream become thin,
And there, under those drops, there is peace, under and over my skin..

Anonymous said...

folded photographs
yellow books
scattered dew into lil silverfish
it's already 2012

duende said...

why! these are sooper.

Bharat said...

varry nice i say!

and Nouvelle Vague is super super!

niyati. said...

vareee sufer!!! :)

Anisha Jayadevan said...

Ey, yes ya.
Full super only it is.
Still life watercolours.

Anonymous said...

French mornings are cold and i shiver more than the shiver of everything.
My skin cracks and disappears. Sheer white silk chiffon and stars no more.

Frozen, i do not shrink.
I temporarily lost my real self who refused to come along and decided to stay back in the country of my happinesses.

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