Cinema Paradiso

Everything I know I learnt in an old movie theatre
Indore's summer spreading over our backs like butter
and I five years old
I learnt:



Drugs (heehee)

The Dark Side





More Action
Begum Akhtar sang my dreams to sleep
Jadugar Anand was the talk of the town
Hot winds from the desert would keep us hiding in our house for days
or running to the theatre where it was cold.
Now it's a multiplex.
"pretty paradise to put up a parking lot"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And your time stamp's all rubbish. It's the middle of the afternoon, not morning! :-). Now .. going back to minding my own business.

Hari Adivarekar said...

The last one is the best. Amit uncle at his steamy 70s best.

Anonymous said...

heyyyy shill!! killer.. i have something special for you!! heheh

duende said...

oh oh why! that's made me smile!

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

yeah yeah that amitabh with half his chest exposed and her smoking a cigarette in a black robe and red light is all too steamy to handle! haha!
Helen pulling at her beads with her teeth and zeenat in her "Dum maaro dum" is also too much. (note dev anand's cool hat)
what wonderful role models i had growing up :P
but actually...todays mainstream bollywood film filled with NRIs in fancy cars,useless plots,designer clothes and discos are nothing in comparison.
It explains the 'new'-wave of kids with too much money straightened hair and no talent that spend all their time in places like that lavelle road coffee day. erg.
I feel like an old lady :o(
I even found a gray hair on my head the other day.

Anonymous said...
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SepiaTonedLiving said...

hahaa... enjoyed that!!!

Sylvan Goddess said...


Sylvan Goddess said...

You feel like an old lady, shilums? If you start feeling old, what will happen to us real oldies? :D

You'll always be a baby for me. A very mature baby, but a baby none the less. :)

manicmarvin said...

Old lady? just look at the dear dear 14 year olds....
i'm glad i'm leaving, aren't u?

Chamki said...

ha ha!
This is quite true for me as well.

You just need parents obsessed with TV and you'll have similar lessons learnt!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

kids nowadays have wierd taste.
its all about hanging out at forum or whatever mall then going to KFC for lunch with a fancy outfit then walking on brigade road and then to XYZ party. sucks.
the whole charm of going for a movie or whatever is lost.
i blame the west.

Anonymous said...

Haha .. Lol @ the "more action" bit.. =P

funny feminati!