Moon Shiva

Moon Shiva
Moody Shiva

One sleepy morning in pondi I felt randoml
y inspired to wear flowers in my hair.
A sleepier friend (who is also my blackcatganjeshmeow aka Boodi billi)
decides to whip out her camera
and capture me on film
when we saw the pictures
we realized

(shiva to be precise)
it also proved to be a documentation of the moods of Shiva
they are:

Dopey Happy------- Grumpy-------- Sleepy Bashful
we feel that we have missed out on two documentations of moods. sneezy perhaps?
after this we ate apples(non poisoned variety)

click it for exact expressionism
and then bow down to me

ps-my fathers name is Shiva.
i havent seen him in a while
but i cannot escape the irony


nonnie mouse said...

awww lookit the zhilow

Sine Qua Non said...

so the dwarves were actually personifications of shiva's moods?
hmmm. things are falling into place.
i like.

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

who mentioned dwarves?
hehe :)

Mysore Road Highbeamer said...

Awesome blog! Just inspired me to crank the iPod to the long neglected Floyd lying amidst non-contributing names

Echoes from Emptiness said...

Really Artistic..! maybe a bit on the edge , but thats the niche .

Pure crazy..!

Unknown said...

oh my gods - and i thought i had the dreamiest and the most tripped out pics

Btw i think you should cut your hair lol saw you at shankara
hial -kaasHmora-

The Prince of Insufficient Light said...

you are who i will be

Ching said...

Squashd name chuckd in d bin
Despised rain, fire, plums and pixies alike
Scorpion, viper, spider and wasp stung
Wall, ceiling, doors and windows are forever frens
Diamond, ruby, glass splinter and crystal ice all glitter
Macro, tele, uv or filter fizz
Up I see cloud, down I see mud
Sunshine comes hazy mist fizzles out
Pondi, Goa, Hampi n Skanda alike