The Sufi's say that between this Realm of Matter and the Realm of Spirit is the Imagination. And through one's imagination we transform the mundane to the divine :)

When I was a little girl, me and my friends would spend hours creating beautiful imaginary kingdoms that somehow we could both see. Towers and creatures and ships that we both inhabited. Both shared without doubt.

I sometimes feel like I chose to illustrate so I didn't have to stop creating and sharing worlds. :) Sometimes when I'm drawing, I feel almost like I'm whipped away into towers where lovers are united, or forests where crows speak and spat out a few hours later by these watercolours wonderlands.

This image was done for Rangashankara's Summer express. 

Speaking of Children: Here are some Images from a Workshop I've been  doing with Kids all through the summer.
It's been super fun working with kids again! The last time I did full on workshops was when I was 16.

These are examples of the journals some of the kids made. More pictures of that  coming soon.