The TED stage!

This month I designed for the TED Auditions this month in Bangalore. Giant Panels of Red Sarees with thick gold embroidered patterns and giant illustrated panels on silk draped around. The Idea was to bring alive the essence of the Indian Archetypes in the TED quest- they were out auditioning looking for the sage, the prodigy, the artist, the storyteller, the inventor, the performer. And these panels represented the Indian versions of those archetypes.

What was particularly exciting was that chris anderson and kelly stoetzel who run TED were both there! and they both agreed it was one of the most beautiful sets their tour had seen. :) Quite an honour! Chris Anderson when introducing me on stage said "Such a talent! and reccomended all to check out the TED talk. (which if you haven't you totally should :

It all came together very hurriedly over a week in Bangalore. Rushing through rainy streets in markets finding sarees, getting giant panels printed! The giant illustrations you see have been printed on 14 feet long silk panels! they were huge! enough to make a tent with. 


 The Original Design
It's always a surprise designing a stage. (This is only my second so far) and it's such a trip seeing small drawings on your screen turn into GIANT sets overnight. Big thanks to Cigma Events, that does all the production and setting up of these big stages! To INKtalks for bringing the whole event together and organizing everything and more and more. :) Though I didn't get to speak on this stage, my partner did! :) 

More soon and Lots of Love 
Shilo Shiv Suleman


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Post looking amazing....

anup keerrthi said...
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anup keerrthi said...

my jaw dropped :)

the illusrations are so dreamlike.

liked the story teller the most!

liked the orignal set design as well. actually that looked better, the auto peeping out !

give you more time and you should design for a musical, 'm sure tis gonna be exquisite.
congrats and looking forward for moreeee

Nina said...

Very nice, Shilo! Love the latest iteration in your stage storytelling. :)

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