Good vibes!!

Hello universe,
for those of you who have read the previous post - You know of the twisted turns of fate that have brought me the opportunity to go to scotland!
Except *dun dun dun* I have very little time to get my visa. 10 working days to be exact! I have my appointment tomorrow morning.
I need a few more miracles and being a firm believer in positive thinking and the power of good love-
I ask you to send me some GOOD visa vibes!
So all of you reading this post- do keep the good visa vibes going!
muchos gracias
Thanking you
Shilo Shiv Suleman

ps- Here's a free wallpaper in exchange for those good visa vibes! it's from my new book for the ipad- The second book of Khoya!! tun tun tun... This is very much work in progress though! So stay tuned to find out more about Khoya and my visa-worries.


Bostonita said...

Sending good vibes! And I just put this picture as my desktop background - so incredibly beautiful! Thank you!!

vineeta said...

Hope you got the Visa Shiloh, I'm sure you will get it :) More power to you!

abhishek singh said...

i'm sure the visa is on it's way:) lots and lots of luck,
LOVE the post btw:)

service essay writing said...

The pictures are so creative!!! You are very talented! The colors are perfect!

sun drix said...

Sending you good VISA vibes from Brazil!!
Good luck! Boa sorte!

Laila Borrie said...
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Laila Borrie said...

Hello.. I came across your blog today (a link via another blogger) I have to say I have no words.. your art is mindblowingly good and beautiful and cool! I love it, its especially the kind of style I am into.. and the art journal stuff is sooo good.. Good luck with your visa, I bet it will all go through xx

ps - i also am a lot of half/ halfs like you :-)

Fernanda said...

another very good luck from Brazil!
namastê :)

Karthika Naïr said...

Loads of luck to you. I am sure the visa will come through and the people of Edinburgh will get to see your amazing work! Enjoy!

Mayank said...

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