Forest Love

 Where I end and you begin, the sky is falling in.
Many moons have passed since i've posted some photographs.
This time, an old digital camera, some fading light. and the world. 
 see constellations.
 tree beard 
 the temple tree
 feet on rainglass
 the person you love is 78.9% water
 circular breathing
 a photo taken whilst drawing and mapmaking

Kingdoms of Moss, forests of fern 

when you speak the air around you sings.
green like forests. green like the deep of the sea.
You, prince of forests and pinecones, in the tongue of crows you sing to me. ferns wind themselves around your skin. Your feet are the trunks of banyans, the strength of rocks. your heart beats, you breathe.deep.


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Lovely pictures! :) and love your artwork!

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