your eyes have their silence

I've always been afraid
of bringing things I create with my hands
into a digital world. I was afraid that maybe somewhere between the
blinking screen and the ink on my fingers
something would be lost. like the silver key you kept in your coat pocket.

blue lines that only some light can percieve.
I've decided to trust electrons zipping through invisible space
with my soul stretched out in inks

And scan pages off my notebook. for a million mirrors to see.
and open me.

"we can create kingdoms of our own
grand purple thrones
those chairs of lust
and love we must
on beds of rust"


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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akshay said...

brilliant, as usual.

i think you've misspelled ghosts, though.

100hands said...

This background is so vague
This falter much too strong
A slew of reluctance
Makes the focus warble on
For every laden vein
Is a grim pail of prey
The true are open
They wrestle with this state
What a dirty facade
The coming of an ugly file
Every guide is ill-timed
Purely lit for the lofty kind
What a dirty facade
The coming of an idle qualm
And everyone is so still
No one ever is pure


Beautiful work, Shy!

Taaneya Balaji said...


Vatsala said...

potential kid's book illustration artist !!

Anonymous said...

left-over wing bleeding sepia. The blue of it frees words paper swalows soon. For eternity.
Pixels don't feel nothing, but they traval million worlds. They catch the fingers of them eyes.

Hari Adivarekar said...

My God Shillums, you're inspiring the poets in everyone. That's awesome...As one who has seen and touched the pages in question, I must say that they are fabulouslytechnicolourdreamcoatish in nature..noice noice

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

"Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner,
and shine."
many thanks. :)

Revati Upadhya said...

varrry beautiful!

Anisha Jayadevan said...

Eeee, I luff the masthead!
Been coming here and silently gawking at your magical work.

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

I like silent gawkers :)
thankoo machlee-muchly.
keep coming off!

Admin said...

your work is absolutely stunning!

Arif Sarkar said...

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