Coonoor, Circles and Fish in the Sky

the earth laughs in flowers

your hands in black water

voices out of a cloud lotus feet

7 of us. broken silences. fish in the sky, insane colours, feeling like a serpent, fractals,

a dead butterfly and a million revelations in the garden of eden.

archetypes, starry nights of splendor,getting lost in the whispering woods and so much more.

you are the center of my universe.
Location: a house on a hill

October 2007


Hari Adivarekar said...

Awesome. I really like these. Chamki and I redid my blog btw. Check it out. Its still work in progress though. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so bluuudy jelous ra :)

Revati Upadhya said...

niiiice :)
i want to go to coonoor now!

Unknown said...

I do not want to say anything. Just that blogger doesn't allow blank comments.

Phemonoe said...

this is my first visit here. i have a confession. i am in love with your creation.can't call them by any other name, my apologies. your blog (darn blog is such a commonplace word) gave me a lot of sunshine, sand dunes and a lovely zephyr song.

do keep it up. please DO!

Anonymous said...

you rock.

inside the tunnels said...

shello very nice

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

thankerjoo :)

Arif Sarkar said...

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