Ras Leela

So today I did this Radha-Krishna illustration for the inside of a cd cover I'm working on for 
Jai Uttal's New Album called "Queen of Hearts" full of very beautiful - Full Love-Bhakti music.
It also became a gift for Neville Moncher who runs Karuna Farms
which has become a second home of sorts. :) 

What was interesting however is that It's the first time I drew a radha-krishna in three years
and so I dug out the last one I did- 
and was amazed at how much my work has changed and evolved in the last three years!!!
A BIG burst of gratitude to all those who've witnessed this evolution in the last couple of years! :) 
and here's some beautiful Surdas that lay beneath the illustration three years ago.
And will now too :) 

"Seeing Radha stand alone, Krishna came from behind and blindfolded her with his hands. But his hands could not fully cover her large and elongated eyes. They shone out from within his fingers as a serpent's gem which it had disgorged and hid between its fangs;" or as Rahu finding the sun and Mars together, had pounced and held them fast. Krishna does not have any self-interest, for there is nothing for him to desire or achieve. But he removes the grief of separation of those whom he loves. His eyes came close to Radha's, and his lips were on hers. It was as though the lotuses forgetting their opposition to the moon had opened their petals to be kissed by the moon rays. Says Suradasa, Krishna's loving embrace removed from Radha. the sorrow of her parting. "


Chica said...

How did u make the illustration? what medium ?

ILAJNA said...

Shiloos, this is one of your best! It's gorgeous!

Karadi Tales said...

Love, love, love!

Rachana Saurabh said...

Its beautiful... Very nice job..

-Rachana Saurabh

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

Thank you :)
It's a mixture of pencil, watercolour and photoshop :)

Unknown said...

Hi/today i discover ur blog for u...
u have amazing art works.i like it so much!Good luck!And welcome to my blog

Unknown said...

ur work is superb!!i am ur new follower!!

Anonymous said...

hey shilo ....ur work is amazing...where can i get pampasutra book ...i tried in crossword...they dont have.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done, Shilo. Loved your work !!

ab said...

your blog is simply amazing came across thru a link on Twitter and.. started going thru the previous posts. All the art, work post here is simply awsm!
Much Love

Suki Spangles said...

Dear Shilo,
Have you considered selling some of your art as prints or posters/cards (online?). The picture of Krishna/Radha is a wonderful piece of work. Imagine how many people would love to have that in their home to hang on their wall. You could (for example) set up an eBay outlet connected to your blog; your subscribers could click on an art item they like and you could print and post the art to them for a price. This may be a (little) time-consuming, but it would be a brilliant way to promote your art to people who enjoy it, and would love to have a piece of it in their home. It would also help you earn money in an honest way - nothing wrong with that. What do you think? Commerce and art can go together in this way - they are not mutually exclusive if done with sensitivity and integrity, and I'm certain you have both, with abundance. Thank you also for your e-mail reply to my message. Cheers!

tattina said...

The work is greaat!
"the sorrow of her parting. " - !

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