Atleast a Fish, a book for Scholastic

The new book I'm working on for Scholastic :) 
A wonderful tale of two little kids, three philosopher fishus,
adorable puppies, tragedy queen dog lovers and abandoned swimming pools.
Enough said :) 
This be the first book I've done in black and white. Which is quite a change from 
me usual technicolour rainbows. 

These were some of the original iterations for the characters until we decided on a lighter younger look :)

Some work in progress:

Out at stores as soon as I'm done illustrating it and nursing a foot. :) 


Chamki said...

ha ha!
tragedy queen is so cute.

Mira said...

Hi Shilo, kind of unrelated to your post here, but I noticed your comment on the ATC NID blog. I was thinking it was unfortunate that you couldn't post, because i personally like your work a lot, so i thought of opening up a guest section for people from other schools or just generally, the public. if you can garner more support in friends and fellow students, i'd love to feature your atc's on the blog. :D u can send them to

Pranav K said...

Zain reminds me of Vincent :D Burton-esque!

Kamini said...

Ha awesome stuff. Where are books with your illustrations available in Hyderabad, do you know? Thanks a ton.