Love :)

These images are from a 5 year old little girls reinterpretation of pampa sutra : )
So what these kids have been doing as it turns out, is taking the stickers from me book and making books of their own!! yay!

These books were very coyly gifted to me a couple of weeks ago :) 


Aquatic Static said...

Your art is fantastic. And the ripples you create with it will be far more powerful than you and I can imagine. Made my day, visiting your site :D

Ridhi said...


Very kweet :D

The Woven Life said...

You are so talented and inspirational!

Mandakini said...

this is great! A pat on the back couldn't possibly have come in a better way. And this shows the many forms storytelling can take! Kudos :)

Anonymous said...

oh how wonderful your art is. wow congratulations! :)

Devashish Guruji said...

oy! this is really sweet :)

GG. said...

I am happy to read them.
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