Hriday Maahi Aarasi

Hriday Maahi Aarasi
The Heart is a Mirror
Inspired by Alex Grey's' Sacred Mirrors'

The Emotional Self

the physical self

The Realized Self

The Higher Self- Love :) 


Fernanda R. Lima said...

This is soooo beautiful. Love it, love it!


Evan Hastings said...

Your art here reminds me of the artist Alex Grey. Are you familiar with his work? I went to his studio in New York last year and this higher self post would fit right in. Inspiring images.

Anonymous said...

shilo, your work is stunning. i love alex grey's work. but i seem to like your work more now :)


uau! o loved this draws.. strong pencil!

homework help said...

fantastic drawingz!!! so lovely looks, always like Indian based story pictures. so lovely...