The person you love is 72.8% water

This space was silent for a while. 
I've been meditating upon stillness. 

'Close the language 
door (the mouth)
Open the love window 
(the eyes)
The moon (the reflected light of the divine)
won't use the door. 
Only the window.'

a single brushstroke can erase the storm Numbered List
(I'm back :))
pornographic skelingtons and all


Anonymous said...
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inside the tunnels said...

like what you have written. very interesting. like the glorified self portrait too.

Restless said...

hadn't seen your stuff in a while.

it's looking better and better :)

TheWhacksteR said...

hey nice work!

Taaneya Balaji said...
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Taaneya Balaji said...

i love the self potrait
do one of me sometime
pretty please!

Anonymous said...

can i offer a humble comment..?

you. are. amazing.

Anushka said...

Shilo...the portrait does justice to the artist, in full poetic terms. Very yummy, dey! Including bony-porno lady!

alienfrost 0:I said...

absolutely stirred by the ideas. fantastic lines, colors and forms. so, which star system do you come from?! :)
(i'll be flying by more often)

aiyothatmadgirl said...

how are you so, so , so , so AWESOMe.

i quit law school, to join design school next year.

creativity is in me. but aside from love and forgiveness and balm for pain filled birthday cards for family and friends..i have only dabbled in poetry and photography all my 20yrs... just seriously started exploring art now. scared. unsure. needing help and guidance.

visual journals.. how . can i . really ?

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