After 56.5 long hours of intensive travel by air,train,bus and shared cabs we found ourselves in gangtok. The roads were long. Calcutta was beauty broken down.blackouts.reservation counters.Yellowtaxis.Kohl lined eyes. kali at every corner. The city of joy.
Calcutta was red.wasbrown. was smoke curling. was bodies burning. Summer sinks its teeth into our flesh. Lost. Alive.

16 long hours in a bus. I long for peace and it finds me. green as apple. green as the sea. Fields spread themselves like cordouroy. Blue skies. Leaving the dust of siliguri behind us. A shared cab. secretly smoked cigarettes. Through bengal into Sikkim. I've been looking for divinity and find it in flowers. The border approaches. A rainbow coloured checkpost. Prayer flags.peace. lotuses. Love. Coconut water. The river.. The River Teesta is white like bone and becomes the long spinal column of the land.
A cat once told me that pebbles near the river are souls in search of peace.
I now understand this silence.


March Hare said...

calcutta wasred. was brown. it is also frequently black. and yellow. and random other colours.

ahh, now you went and made me all mushy for my city. and gangtok, and warmth, in general. :)

and, oohhh for the artwork. :)

Fingers said...

Uff, too much. Really like your work and the way it flows on paper!

Phemonoe said...

calcutta does that to me too! Oh for the love of my city and the wondrous piece of composition from you.. my regards;-)

duende said...

to teesta. i've been. and touched. and washed. and redeemed. my nices too for the art. gorgeous. :)

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

Redeemed indeed. :O)

Anonymous said...

and how much i missed you!
sitting around, bored stiff in damp concrete, a cess pit of no feeling! how i yearned for your colour!

Revati Upadhya said...

u should make a collection.. in a book. and print it off!

this is maha beautiful :)

SuperHypersonic said...

"A cat once told me that pebbles near the river are souls in search of peace.I now understand this silence."

Lovely blog, really!

Anonymous said...

beautiful stuff, love your sketchbook :)

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

Thankoo muchlee.
*does snoopy happy spring dance*

Sagar Kolte said...

Flocks of precise waves,
wandered across the thirsty meadows.
Red vapours of pungent peace,
Decadent desires,
in the dank silence of ancient caves.

Art@heart said...

I like what I see on your website :-)))

Anonymous said...

reminds me of an old book

Unknown said...

calcutta was that and many more,and will be...
someday again,shutterfly...

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