From a set of 22 Illustrations
for a Children's book of poetry in Hindi.

About a little girl. Starry eyes.
Braids in her hair.
Falls into dreams,
Sails to the Moon, Speaks too soon.
She climbs trees, makes wings and wonderlands.
Falls through rabbit holes into bluebacked skies.


Taaneyasinterlude said...

she sails to the moon-i love eet!

jazzlamb said...

i louwe it!
nais it a bit of computer-ing as well?

Organic said...

I love the way she's draped over the branch. Good work I say! Is this all traditional art or you've done pimping with photoshop and all?

Shutterfly said...

wai thankjoo.
She's almost hung out to dry on that branch.
Its 99% traditional art.:O) but yes, my oldeh pal photoshop does come in handy now and then.

Anonymous said...

This is nice but to be honest I feel like that when I take some medicines, so I like to be like that.