I listen to the Amelie Soundtrack on Loop.
I chew very loudly.
A red umbrella banishes storms.
Yes I question, I neglect.
I prefer purple grapes over green ones.
and jamoons over that.
I stalk silver. compare rivers to bone.
Don't wear socks unless they are rainbow coloured.
know the taste of rain on my tongue.


Dark said...

Thank you Shutterfly....:)

I came across your blog, or rather collage, I would say, very recently .....seems to me what interests you most is the variations and sometimes distortions of human shapes and expressions (sometimes archaic)embedded in their natural habitat. Strangely some your drawings resemble some cartoon clips aired in Mtv and channel-V :)
I am sure you will like the work known in bengal as Pat, if you haven't already heard about it before.

Anonymous said...

this work ur head could i kiss u or miss u someday ?? wet ur lips or parch ur throat ? unwrap the coils of ur brain and dance into the yellow of it all?? couldnt describe if i tried the exhilaration and the life u've breathed into these mirages u've cut out and stuck in ur head ... fuckkk fuckkkk ... i wanted to comment on everything and then on nothing and this is the residue of that ... i hope u see ur whole life flash before ur eyes wen u die maybe then u'll understand the brilliance of ur eye

Anonymous said...

i can sense creativity and i can see it, i can feel it, but somewhere...the crust and ur thoughts still dont salute ur talent and in many places neither does the can see emptiness in a few representations,

Waiting for a task that compliments everything or what? or still havnt found the perfect spirited moment that recreates sarcasm fr u?

Shutterfly said...

Hello anonymous pt 2. :)
Perhaps emptiness deserves a place on canvas too.
Though 'recreating sarcasm' isn't my aim. It's recreating love. and that is all.