Heart Chakra

Something I did for a course in college.
Made up a band called Rubber Soul with their 4th album Heart Chakra.
This was the CD cover.
There is also an inlay, a back and all that. Which will be uploaded sooner or later.


nonnie mouse said...

you have a serious stamp obsession it seems. very nice stuff.

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

yep yep.
bit of a trademark scene happening. :)

Anonymous said...

How does you manage the drawings?
and the names?
superbs means superbs.

Rijul Bhatia said...

some small scale publicity going on downstairs.

Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

thankoo thankoo. :)

Taaneya Balaji said...

me saw this at shrishti on the machlee rani board :)

Arif Sarkar said...

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