Piano Man

old old old drawing from a long long time ago
me thinks, if you play a piano long enough
it becomes the language you speak.
kerrect no?


Anonymous said...
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lilith said...

LOVE your journal sketches. when i write my book, will you do my cover art?

lilith said...

p.s. i hope your art is earning you a living already. if not (or if you want some more moolah) you should try and submit to threadless.com, and maybe sell prints on etsy.com

Shutterfly said...

yup! ill do your cover art even before you write your book! haha :O) I'm always waiting willing wishing to do more. :)

Anonymous said...

or you become the language IT speaks

Shutterfly said...

mindbender anonymouse. you speak the truth.

nakedswaMi said...

shil i have a strange memory that come to mind when i see this da..!!
shuuooo.. (i love)

Hari Potter said...

sing me a song today :)

vasu said...

beauty. i want one drawing for my happy bday..like like piano man wunly

billy_cat said...

Baul Blessings.

Sing sing.

nakidsawmi said...

i simply love this man daa..

Prashant Butani said...
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saptarshi said...

Well we're all in the mood for a melody and you've got us feeling alright... :)

Rahull said...

I used to speak the language,
I used to be the piano man.
But came one day this demon,
Stole my Piano and ran.

So, dumb I was, till I visited the dentist.

Got a new set of Keys,
All shiney and blinging.
Had a lot of Ice Cream.
I speak the language again, hear me singing.


Hope you like the Piano Man. =)

Beautiful art work. Beautiful you.

Shutterfly said...

Hellu Anonymouse Rahul. :)
Well I must say- this is First.
I've never had anyone reply to a comment with music.
Thank you. :)
that was lovely :)
Who be joo?

Rahull said...

I be the baker of the piano cake. =)

And also I be your friend Mana's Acquaintance. She be commenteth on your video on FB. News feedeth. I be watching your video. I be bery bery like.
So i hunteth your ass down to see more of your work.
And I came, I saw, I left a comment ;)
And i be a fan of j00's art.

I want to know you. I want to know your soul. =P haha (Courtesy: How I Met Your Mother)