The result of listening to Sneakerpimps and Radiohead all day
Pen and Ink

'When we Kiss'

'Walking like giant cranes

And with my X-ray eyes

I strip you naked
in a tight little world
and are you on the list? '


Vesper said...

i love your work!

Shutterfly said...

thank you :)

. said...

super super super :)

Anonymous said...

oi too good means too good!!

Hari Potter said...

The first and third ones are my're like soooooooo talented :P :)

Chamki said...

heppy budday girlie!

love love love love

all you need is love

so lotsa you know what


Princess Selene said...


i so love it!


Vatsala said...

Stuff on this post is my fav.tst. lovely lovely lovely

jazzlamb said...

its awsome...all of it...lovely work!
keep it up...